Kimberly (goldengod) wrote in theriviera,

Um... Riviera?

I just want to take this opportunity to remind y'all that The Riviera is open for you to get anything gooey'n'delicious off your chest. Such as...

Ummm... I wanna send a shout out to Great Britain, full of my love and mega-kudos, for a lovely little man named TONY BLAIR. I love you, Tone. You come discuss peace in the Middle East anytime your sweet heart desires, doll. We're glad to have you.

“So, you know, when people say to me, ‘Where's your payback from this relationship,' my answer is: My payback is the relationship. It is an important relationship for Britain and America.”

Honey, that relationship means the world to me, too. Me, America. And You, Britain.

Anybody else wanna shout out to folks? Countries? Celebrities? Food Network personalities?
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