cmm (vacantgrrl) wrote in theriviera,

From this week's NME (I sadly did not win tickets to Glastonbury haha) It's a fairly recent picture taken outside their "Buckinghamshire studios" (I live in Buckinghamshire, watch as I look up every recording studio in the phonebook and proceed to stalk them) I'm liking Liam's jacket! I actually nearly didn't recognise him with short hair and a beard. Oh and that weird white line going through poor Andy is the middle of the page. I'm not sure I like his short hair. It accentuates his funny shaped head, which I happen to love but it does not need accentuating.

It took me about four attempts to scan this for you guys. I managed to chop off their heads like 3 times. There was also a little caption in the corner I couldn't include but it said "You'd have thought, with all their millions, Oasis would be able to afford more than two razors between them." Which made me laugh.

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