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Come and get me, sailors!
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Drugs, sex, Rock and Roll, understatements, overstatements, front rows, volume, yachting with Elton John, and the infinite view from the tour bus.

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aaron carter, abba, abbey road, aerosmith, allen ginsberg, almost famous, american dreams, anna nicole smith, audrey hepburn, baudelaire, beach boys, beautiful people, beyonce, beyonce&jay-z, bff, big pimpin, bling bling, bob fucking dylan, bon jovi, boys, breakfast at tiffany's, britney spears, cameron crowe, celebrity, christian bale, christina aguilera, cosmo, dante's inferno, david bowie, dawson's creek, debbie gibson, destiny's child, dolce & gabbana, drew&fab, dumb & dumber, elvis, elvis costello, et, fashion, floral photography, gap, getting rich, goldie hawn, grams, grateful dead, groupies, gwyneth paltrow, hair, hands, hipbones, i love the 80s, jack black, jack kerouac, jay-z, jennifer lopez, jimi hendrix, jlo&ben, john cusack, johnny depp, julia roberts, jumping rope, justin timberlake, kate hudson, katie couric, katie holmes, ken kesey, kiss, kissing, leonardo dicaprio, lil kim, lisa marie presley, liz hurley, long hair, madonna, making fun, man hands, manolo blahnik, marilyn monroe, marvin gaye, meg white, michael jackson, michelle williams, mick jagger, missy elliott, modest mouse, mountain dew livewire, mouths, mya, nana, neal cassady, nirvana, oasis, on the 6, ostriches, ourselves, outkast, p.diddy, patsy kensit, prada, prince harry, prince william, princess diana, priscilla presley, quaaludes, red carpet, renee&jack, rock & roll, rolling stones, russian literature, ryan adams, sex and the city, snoop dogg, sonny & cher, the bangles, the beatles, the clash, the doors, the drifters, the gallagher brothers, the glimmer twins, the go-gos, the hilton sisters, the nyc plaza, the platters, the ramones, the sex pistols, the shins, the spice girls, the temptations, the velvet underground, the white album, the white stripes, the wilson brothers, the zombies, third grade, thom yorke, thom yorke's eye, tiffany, tongues, units, us magazine, versace, vogue, weezer, white candles, white linens, wilco